Real Estate Equities plans MF mixed-use on long-vacant commercial corner in San Tan Valley

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Real Estate Equities.)

By Mark Cowling | Pinal Central

FLORENCE — Despite the opposition of the Planning and Zoning Commission and county staff, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors granted rezoning and other approvals on May 15 to allow an apartment and retail development of almost 17 acres in San Tan Valley.

The project by Real Estate Equities will be off the southeast corner of Bella Vista and Gantzel roads. Board Chairman Mike Goodman, R-San Tan Valley, said he had a potential conflict of interest and abstained from the discussion and votes.

County staff noted such projects generate traffic and noise, and this one includes three-story apartment buildings in an area without other buildings that tall.

“Staff is not against multifamily (housing) at all,” Pinal Planning Manager Gilbert Olgin told the board. “Staff thinks it’s needed in this area,” but “we think more commercial is viable on this corner.”

Supervisor Steve Miller, R-Casa Grande, said if the land were attractive for commercial it would already be there.

“I think we need to leave it to the capitalists to figure out what’s best and it sounds like they have a plan,” Miller said. “I think putting something on here is better than letting it sit vacant for another 20 years, wondering if some other business might come along someday.”

Attorney Jordan Rose told the board, “Sixteen acres of commercial at this site doesn’t make much market sense. It’s been proven because they can’t get the market to react.” But 4 acres “makes all the sense in the world.”

The three-story apartment buildings will be beautifully designed with an agrarian theme, Rose said. “This also provides workforce housing with luxury amenities to this area,” she said.