Reduced Impact Fees To Keep Economic Momentum Rolling In Pinal County, Says Rose Law Group Partner, Transactional Dept. Dir. Cameron Carter

By Mike Sunnucks | Rose Law Group Reporter

Pinal County has lowered a number of development impact fees for commercial and residential developments.

The fees are what developers and builders pay to the county to help with the costs of infrastructure and services that accompany new growth.

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has approved the lower impact fees. The fees vary by the use of the building and by location. New residential impact fees are grouped by type of housing (single family, apartments, senior housing) instead of by square footage.

Fees for industrial projects and other commercial were also lowered especially in the north central part of the county.

Cameron Carter, a partner and director of the transactional department at Rose Law Group, said the moves will help bring more jobs and economic activity to Pinal County.

“Lower impact fees will promote continued economic development and growth in the County by reducing costs to bring both residential and commercial projects out of the ground,” Carter said.

A full rundown of the new fees can seen here: