Reefer madness clouds Old Town Scottsdale medical marijuana dispensary pursuit

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Sunday Goods

By Terrance Thornton | Scottsdale Independent

A recent proposal to bring in a medical marijuana dispensary to Old Town Scottsdale has nearby proprietors concerned property values will go up in smoke, a burgeoning cohesive vision for the area could never emerge — and that kind of operation may bring in an unsavory clientele.

Concerns swirl around the proposal for the dispensary coined, “Sunday Goods,” which is envisaged to sprout at 4255 N. Winfield Scott Plaza where a vacant tattoo parlor exists today.

Scottsdale City Council has allowed a continuance of both a rezoning request and a conditional use permit hearing until its Nov. 12 regular meeting at City Hall, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd.