Rose Law Group adds virtual reality to services

By Your Valley

Eduardo Dávalos, Rose Law Group Director of Metaverse Design and Planning

Rose Law Group recently added a “director of design” to its Land Development Solutions services.

Newest addition Eduardo Dávalos, who speaks Spanish, English, Italian and Norwegian, has nearly two decades of experience as an architect with a specialty in 3D modeling, virtual 3D tours, creating virtual reality experiences, metaverse design and development, according to a press release.

“I have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy learning new things everyday. It is never enough. I hope that the services I provide add value to the RLG’S scope. I’m sure that with Jordan Rose’s vision and sense of innovation we’ll be one step ahead,” stated Dávalos about what motivates him.

Rose Law Group’s developer clients can enhance their visual experience for talking about their projects to municipalities, investors, and end users. Additionally, the group has assisted with design and development on the metaverse where services are essential.