Rose Law Group Announces Pioneering Cyber Law Department Taking on National and Arizona Cases

Department Fights Cyberbullying, Online Defamation and Restores Reputations

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) – The days of posting a false or defaming comment about someone anonymously or otherwise on the internet are coming to an end thanks in part to two pioneers in the field of online reputation management and cyber-defamation just hired by Scottsdale based Rose Law Group.

Rose Law Group just announced the formation of an innovative new Cyber Law Department and retained top attorney Chris Ingle as Chairman of the Cyber-Law Department and attorney Logan Elia to combat local and national cases of cyberbullying, false online reports and online defamation cases, to name a few.

“We are thrilled to now have attorneys Chris Ingle and Logan Elia on our team and leading the fight for cyber-defamation victims,” said Jordan Rose, founder of Rose Law Group. “Chris is nationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of online reputation management and cyber-defamation and also handles internet domain conflicts, cybersquatting, cyberbullying, and Digital Millennium Copyright Act violations.  We also retained Logan Elia, who is a well-respected litigator who handles cyber-law issues along with business litigation, bank work, firearm trusts, DUI defense, and appeals.”

Since Arizona is home to the country’s largest website registrars, like, which has about 90 percent of the market, and because some of the more notorious websites used for intentional defamation are owned and operated by Arizona companies, many believe Arizona is becoming Cyber Law capital of the United States.  “Arizona is to cyber law what Delaware is to Corporate law – if you need to file an action, chances are you need an Arizona attorney with expertise.”

“People from all over the world end up coming to Arizona to litigate internet-related cases. There are certain provisions in the law that dictate where cases can be filed, and a lot of the time that ends up being Arizona either because a website is registered here or because a company that operates a website is located here. We currently represent clients in Australia, Canada, Latvia, Russia, Spain, and all throughout the United States,” said Ingle. In defamation cases “our goal is get those defamatory and untrue comments removed so we can repair our client’s reputation and they can move on with their lives.”

Ingle and Elia’s clients range from successful business owners, parents, teenagers, divorcees to everyday citizens wanting to clean-up their online reputation.

“It is unfortunate that false words get posted online and can have such a disastrous effect on everyday life, but there is a way to fight it and you should only hire those who have the legal expertise to get those statements not just pushed further down on the search engines, but to actually get damaging content removed altogether, and we know how to do that,” says Logan Elia, Cyber Law attorney for Rose Law Group.

Cutting-Edge Cyber Law Services:

  • Online Defamation
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Internet Domain Name Disputes
  • Cybersquatting/Cyberpiracy
  • Cyberbullying
  • False Online Reports
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act litigation
  • Communications Decency Act protection
  • Illegal Downloading litigation
  • Online Intellectual Property Infringement

About RLG’s Cyber Law Department
New policies, regulations, and legal disputes continually evolve in relation to the internet and New Media. Too often, many attorneys who focus on business law are not necessarily well-versed in internet law. Our Cyber-Law Department has comprehensive knowledge of traditional business law combined with detailed knowledge of the most up-to-date legal information involving computers, the internet, and new media devices such as cell phones, app development, and e-commerce. Whether you have a concern related to downloading of digital media or you have a dispute related to internet business law and taxation, we have the resources, the experience and the knowledge to help you protect your rights and your assets.

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