Rose Law Group firm launches AI division, offers advice on avoiding litigation using ChatGPT

By Mignon A. Gould | Phoenix Business Journal

“AI really enables those who want to appropriate others’ work for their own benefit, to be even more reckless in their theft,” said attorney Jordan Rose, president and founder of Rose Law Group. “The courts will be left to make decisions about what is reality, and what has been altered to the point that it is no longer a legally protected representation of someone.”

The intersection of AI and intellectual property

The Scottsdale-based law firm has expanded to include an AI division to help clients protect their intellectual property to avoid litigious situations, as well as defend those accused of copyright infringement and issues surrounding AI intellectual property ownership. The law firm has also entered the metaverse. 

Rose foresees the intersection of AI and intellectual property rights being “one of the busiest fields of legal practice over the next decade.”

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