Rose Law Group Immigration Department Chair Darius Amiri featured in Arizona Republic: Helping Afghan immigrants in honor of father who fled Iranian revolution

Darius Amiri, Rose Law Group Immigration Law Department Chair

By Renata Cló, | Arizona Republic

Darius Amiri grew up hearing about how his family escaped Iran when the revolution of 1979 transformed the country into an Islamic state. As a child, he and his siblings would boast to friends that their father “escaped the revolution.”

So perhaps it is fitting, years later, that the boy would become an immigration attorney and help Afghans targeted by the Taliban make a home in the United States.

Darius, who works for the Rose Law Group in Scottsdale, is representing six Afghans, and some of their immediate family members, who are in danger because they either aided the U.S. during the war or held a position in the previous Afghan government.

Darius has succeeded in helping one Afghan interpreter, who worked with American combat troops, get out. The interpreter and his fiancée, surrounded by crowds and chaos amid the American withdrawal in August, spent six days outside the Kabul airport before boarding an airplane to the U.S.


John Amiri and his wife, Janet, in Tehran before the Iranian Revolution of 1979 led to them escaping the country.