Rose Law Group Meta Report: Decentralized finance & bear markets

How Bear is Changing DeFi on Vimeo.

By Rose Law Group Reporter

Coming to you from Rose Law Group’s office in Decentraland (84,34), law clerk Dylan Clark goes avatar to (as he puts it) “talk y’alls ears off about changes the bear market is bringing to DeFi.”

In this Meta Report, Clark first explains what a bear market is and why the entire crypto ecosystem is undoubtedly within one. Second, he talks about how this bear will catalyze a fundamental shift within Web3. Lastly, he shows why this shift is not such a bad thing. 

Another exclusive NFT: In addition to the DeFi-bear breakdown, Rose Law Group Meta Report will be revealing another exclusive NFT. What will the RLG digital rose be? Tune in now and find out!