Rose Law Group welcomes Aaric Siesco

By AZ Big Media

Arizona’s most innovative law firm and largest law firm founded by a woman in state history, Rose Law Group announced the latest addition to its legal team, Aaric Siesco, a seasoned family law attorney born and raised in Phoenix. A graduate of Brophy College Prep class of 2002, Aaric has been practicing Family Law since 2015, where he has been involved in complex litigation, including issues such as business valuation and taxation, contested parenting time, third-party visitation, spousal maintenance claims and determination of community versus separate value involving business and other assets.

Aaric’s legal expertise also extends to handling appeals of family law matters at the Arizona Court of Appeals, providing an additional layer of depth to Rose Law Group’s comprehensive legal services.

In addition to his legal prowess, Aaric is a multi-talented individual, boasting skills as a musician playing guitar, piano and several other instruments. He has recorded both as a solo artist and with his previous band, “Backlash.” Outside the courtroom, Aaric dedicates his time to boxing training, hiking the Phoenix Mountain Preserve trails, raising chickens with his children, and engaging in studies of politics, history and the law.

Aaric Siesco’s addition to the Rose Law Group team aligns with the firm’s commitment to “outrageous client service” and a proven record of success in achieving clients’ goals. The firm is renowned for its hyper-responsiveness to clients’ needs and its dedication to quick and positive resolutions to complicated legal problems.


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