Sacramento on brink of reversing residential zoning. Will Arizona follow suit? Rose Law Group Founder and President Jordan Rose comments

By ProBuilder

Sacramento is close to approving one of the country’s first plans to end single-family residential zoning, which permits only one home on a property. Up to four homes could be built on lots in the city’s upscale neighborhoods. The LA Times notes this comes as a result of a new booming population of healthcare and technology employers and workers, in addition to the many who left San Francisco for cheaper living. Sacramento’s rents have responded accordingly to the new demand with double-digit increases and a growing homeless population. Sacramento’s mayor and a group of activists strongly support the zoning proposal, hoping to stand as a leader to other cities.

The group, House Sacramento, is part of a network of organizations across the state called Yes in My Backyard, or YIMBY, that push for similar measures.

“Sacramento should be a pioneer in saying ‘yes’ to more homes for all,” the organization wrote last month to the City Council.


“This is a fascinating position for a city to take, to essential force density to provide for more diversity in housing.  We will see if this California initiated concept gains legs in any municipality in Arizona.”

Jordan Rose, Rose Law Group Founder and President