And they say the real estate market is slowing?


By Melissa Johnson | Rose Law Group Reporter

I marvel to see our Rose Law Group Land Use Department go, go, go.  Just this week, and as I write this it is only Thursday at noon, so in three and a half days, they have had, and won five land use hearings in five different Municipalities!

On Monday night Jordan Rose went to Florence and received approval on a pre-annexation development agreement that Cameron Carter and Jordan had worked hard to make very beneficial.

On Tuesday Jordan went to Glendale where the Council decided not to do something that would have had a big negative financial impact on our client.

On Wednesday Court Rich went to Coolidge and received Planning and Zoning Commission approval on a really exciting case that our Senior Planner Nick Labadie has helped make great.

Just this morning… Jordan Rose and our Senior Project Manager Jennifer Hall, won a unanimous decision at the Maricopa County Planning Commission where we had an unexpected surge of angry neighbors (in fact I think Jen may still be  there talking to them)!

And Ryan Hurley and Jana Weltzin spent the morning in Phoenix winning a challenging Medical Marijuana use permit case.

Really amazing team effort – makes me proud to be an RLGer!