Smiths say they’ll save Cuen House; Rose Law Group Founder and President Jordan Rose says ‘thank you!’

Tom and Lynn Smith of Florence say they’ll buy the town’s historic Francisco Cuen House, shown behind them, and save it. Previous owners have discussed plans for rehabilitating it but never followed through. The Town Council concluded as recently as a month ago that preserving the building wasn’t financially feasible and voted to tear it down. / Photo Mark Cowling / Pinal Central

By Mark Cowling | Florence Reminder

A couple who lives near the 137-year-old Cuen House is offering to save it just as a demolition contractor is preparing to level it.

Tom and Lynn Smith confirmed their wish to save the simple little rundown building with a rich past at Monday’s Town Council meeting.

In an interview Tuesday morning, Tom Smith readily agreed with others who’ve noted that it makes no financial sense.

“First of all, there is no return. You’re putting money into something … but it’s history, it’s Florence. It’s McFarland. You don’t build this building to look for a return; there isn’t any. I’m 80 years old. I can’t take it with me.