Suddenly, CBD is everywhere. Here’s what’s next; Rose Law Group Founder and President Jordan Rose comments


By Parija Kavilanz | CNN

The CBD gold rush has begun.CBD, the chemical found in hemp and marijuana plants, is showing up in shampoos, lattes, body oils, gummy bears and dog treats. It’s being sold in coffee shops and farmer’s markets, mom-and-pops and high-end department stores and most recently, drugstore chain CVS.

“Literally overnight, you’re seeing CBD all around you and in everything,” said Troy Dayton, CEO of The Arcview Group, an Oakland, California-based cannabis investment and research firm. “This is a product that is going from relative obscurity to being on everyone’s mind: producers, consumers and especially entrepreneurs.”


“The interest seen in growing Hemp since the passage of the Farm Bill has been enormous.  Arizona ag stands to save water and create new economic opportunity – this is exciting”

~Jordan Rose