Supervisors Reminisce At Pinal Partnership

By Mark Cowling | Florence Reminder Blade Tribune

FLORENCE – Pinal County Supervisors Vice Chairman Pete Rios, D-Dudleyville, said he once met a young couple who were interested in visiting Planned Parenthood and learning about family planning, and he encouraged them to do so. He saw them a couple of weeks later and asked how it went.

Rios asked, “So you’re on some type of birth control? She said, ‘Yes, it’s right here. … They gave me this card so I’m not going to get pregnant anymore.’” Rios responded, “That’s not the way it works!” and explained she needed to take the card to the pharmacy and get the pills.

A public officeholder’s job is more than just politics, it’s helping individual citizens, he said. Rios said he believes it’s this “reliability in constituent work” that will be his legacy after a political career of more than 40 years that included the state Legislature.