Supervisors vote to appeal court’s ruling that Pinal road tax is illegal

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents a coalition of property and business owners throughout Pinal County working to bring new transportation infrastructure to the county

By Jake Kincaid | Arizona City Independent

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has voted to appeal a Maricopa County Tax Court decision striking down a new sales tax designed to pay for transportation projects across the county.

The vote to appeal passed 4-1 on Wednesday, with Supervisor Steve Miller the only one to vote against the measure.

The case, Arizona Department of Revenue vs. Vangilder, was decided by Judge Christopher Whitten.

“Proposition 417’s express reach extends only to ‘every person engaging or continuing in the business of selling tangible personal property at retail,’” the court decision reads. “Plainly, the proposition does not specifically cover any category except retail sales.”

County spokesman Joe Pyritz said in a statement that the county was ready to appeal.