Supreme Court To Hear RTA

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents a coalition of property and business owners throughout Pinal County who have worked to bring new transportation infrastructure to the region.)

By Jonathan Udell, Rose Law Group Litigator

Yesterday, the Arizona Supreme Court granted Petitions for Review of the court of appeals’ opinion in Vangilder v. ADOR/Pinal County.

Importantly, this decision does not mean that the Supreme Court has overturned the Court of Appeals’ opinion. It means the court will more fully consider the challenge to it.

In its minute letter, the supreme court ordered the parties to file supplemental briefs within 20 days and for any amicus briefs to be submitted by October 22, 2020. (The amicus brief we already filed with the court of appeals will be forwarded to the supreme court.) The parties may file responses to the amicus briefs by November 5, 2020. Then, oral argument will follow.

We hope that the court seized this opportunity to clarify an ambiguity in the law rather than to overturn the court of appeals’ decision.

We will continue monitoring the supreme court’s docket for further updates.