The Johnson Utilities Debacle: The Impact And How To Fix It; Feat. Rose Law Group Founder And President Jordan Rose, Co-Founder Court Rich

By Pinal Partnership

On Friday, September 18, 2020, we hosted our monthly breakfast virtually to hear various updates and discussion regarding regional challenges and impacts caused by Johnson Utilities’ continued problems. The area served by Johnson Utilities could be one of the fastest growing places in the country, but lingering problems with wastewater infrastructure are stifling greater investment and depriving us of key economic development opportunities.  We heard details of a recently completed economic study that quantified the significant impacts these ongoing restrictions on development will have on the county, and what needs to happen to get back on track.

Court Rich, Co-Founder, Rose Law Group
Nariman Afkhami, CEO, AREAD
Danny Court, Principal, Senior Economist, Elliot D. Pollack and Company
Moderated by Jordan Rose, Rose Law Group