U.S., U.K. warn of Russian cyberattacks to private homes; ‘raises the stakes,’ says Rose Law Group Cybersecurity, Privacy and Emerging Technologies Chairman Troy Roberts


The U.S. and Britain have issued a warning about Russian cyberattacks that could extend to individual homes. The warning was the first of its kind, The New York Times reports. The warning extends to possible cyberattacks to government and private organizations in both countries as well.

The countries are asking the public to upgrade passwords and computer security to make themselves less vulnerable.

Ciaran Martin, chief executive of Britain’s National Cyber Security Council, claims that Russia has targeted “millions” of devices in both the U.S. and U.K. and has accused Russia of hacking into individual homes and small businesses to take control of routers.


“Russian cyberattacks on private United States citizens is concerning.  Although citizens should protect themselves from cyberattacks and hackers for many reasons, a concentrated hacking effort by another powerful state actor raises the stakes, especially for U.S. citizens in positions of political power or importance where Russia can use the information for its geo-political or economic gain.”

~Troy Roberts