Vaping links to COVID risk becoming clear

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Tobacco-Free Kids.)

By Phoenix Councilman Michael Nowakowski | Phoenix Business Journal

A few years ago, there was a period when we were winning the battle against tobacco. The number of new smokers was declining. The business community played a major role in that progress, with many businesses instituting no smoking policies even before Arizona voters approved a measure prohibiting smoking in all public places and places of employment. Recognizing the adverse health effects of tobacco and the resulting added health care costs, many businesses offered smoking cessation programs to employees as part of their benefit package.

But that progress did not last long. The tobacco industry moved into new territory and created flavored tobacco and served it up in the form of e-cigarettes, or vaping products. Mango, crème brulee, bubble gum – there are more than 15,000 different flavors of e-cigarettes on the market attracting and hooking kids on nicotine.

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