Congresswoman Martha McSally interviewed by CBS national news in Rose Law Group conference room!

CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor interviewing US Senate candidate Martha McSally following the event for his national broadcast.

By Jeff Glor | CBS

In one of the key races in the battle for control of the, Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is running against Republican Martha McSally for the seat that’s being left open by retiring Republican Jeff Flake.

Arizona voters on both sides of the aisle tell CBS News there’s one thing they agree on: The race to replace Flake is ugly, and they want the ugliness to stop.

“I’m disgusted by all of it,” said Laurie Bernstein, one voter.

Sinema, the Democrat, is a three-term congresswoman who voted 62 percent of the time with the president’s party rather than her own. McSally, a former Air Force combat pilot and Trump critic, has lately embraced the president.