Angie Harmon And Jason Sehorn Are Getting A Divorce After 13 Years Of Marriage; Rose Law Group Family Law attorney Kelly Mendoza comments on custody while living in different states

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Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn have officially decided to end their marriage, after being together for 13 years. The representative of the “Rizzoli & Isles” star issued a statement to PEOPLE magazine regarding the said couple’s decision to split.

According to the statement, “For the sake of their children, they ask for respect and privacy as they navigate this time in their lives.” It would seem that the press will be a bit in the dark regarding this particular celebrity divorce.

Sehorn, a former NFL star, proposed to Harmon on TV while taping for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in 1998. They got married in June of 2001 and now have three amazingly lovely daughters together.  Continued

Rose Law Group Family Law attorney Kelly Mendoza adds:

“This is sad to hear although given the geographic distance between the parties it is not surprising.  It seems as if Angie and Jason lived separate lives as if they were not married because they lived across the country from one another so perhaps adjusting to being divorced will not be too difficult on them.  However, like most divorces with children ultimately it will be the children who suffer most if these parents don’t put the children first.  One can only hope that Angie will maintain her positions that being considerate of each other is important and communication is key so that in the future these two can parent their children in a way that is best for the children. In most circumstances when the parents live in different states the physical custody of the children will be resolved with one parent having the children primarily during the school year and the other parent having the children for a significant part of the summer. The parents will also either divide other school breaks or alternate those so the children in this case will be somewhat bi coastal.”