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Smart Contract Auditing
Make sure the smart contracts you are offering are 100% secure
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Your company wants to join the Metaverse?

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Smart Contracts
We build your smart contracts with the required specifications for each project
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Our Services

We create the art for your NFT collection
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Events in the Metaverse
We design, implement and host your events in Decentraland
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Meta Marriage
We hosted and designed the first marriage in the metaverse ever, hire us to get married in digital environments
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Rose Law Group Meta Report: Decentralized finance & bear markets

How Bear is Changing DeFi on Vimeo. By Rose Law Group Reporter Coming to you from Rose Law Group’s office in Decentraland (84,34), law clerk Dylan Clark goes avatar to (as he puts it) “talk y’alls ears off about changes the bear market is bringing to DeFi.” In this Meta Report, Clark first explains what a bear market is and why the entire crypto

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Jordan Rose, founder and president of Rose Law Group, talks to Fortune about crypto coin regulation

By Marco Quiroz-Qutierrez | Fortune Magazine A multibillion-dollar algorithmic stablecoin, TerraUSD, crashed and burned last month, taking down its sister cryptocurrency Luna and erasing billions of dollars worth of investments, in what has been referred to as crypto’s Lehman Brothers moment. Now a bipartisan Senate bill could spell the end of that kind of algorithmic stablecoin altogether. The bill, introduced on

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