Juvenile Court

Our attorneys also frequently practice in Juvenile Court.  Common cases include dependency actions, guardianships, termination of parental rights and adoptions.  In addition to these matters, Ms. Seidl can assist you if your minor child has been charged with any delinquency or criminal charges in the juvenile court.


Guardianships can be utilized to transfer rights to a third There are two types of guardianships that can occur in Arizona and each has a vastly different standard and requirement.  One is a Title 8 guardianship and the other is a Title 14 guardianship.  Our attorneys can help you decide which type of guardianship is necessary in your case and whether you qualify for either, versus filing for

Any adult may be considered as a legal guardian or a minor child, the legal guardian does not necessarily have to be related to the child.  Depending upon the age of the child, the child may have a voice in nominating a person to serve as his or her legal guardian.

Some guardianships are necessary when a child’s legal parents are deceased and the child necessarily is the heir to property including life insurance.  In these cases it is often necessary to appoint a conservator, who can be the same person as the guardian, to manage the child’s finances.

Termination of Parental Rights

Petitions to terminate a parent’s parental rights can only be filed in the Juvenile Court.  A “severance” of rights eliminates all future rights that that party has, while maintain obligations such as child support.  There are limited reasons that a party’s parental rights may occur, and strict standards that the Court must follow.  Sometimes these petitions are brought by private parties but most often they are brought by the Department of Economic Security in cases where CPS has been involved.  Our family law attorneys can discuss with you the grounds for a petition to terminate parental rights, the process, and whether your case qualifies.

Most parental rights are terminated in order to allow the child to be either placed for adoption to an outside individual or to be legally adopted by a step-parent.  If you have not had contact with the other parent, for period of time, then your case may qualify.  Contact our attorneys to setup a consultation.

Social/home studies are a necessary component of an action to terminate parental rights.  Our attorneys have certain agencies that they use on a regular basis and we can provide you with their information so that a trained expert is involved in your case.

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