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“Parenting time” is what days of the week each parent spends with the children. Parenting time is also often referred to as “physical custody.” This includes specific holidays, vacations, and other events. The crafting of an enforceable and comprehensive parenting plan is what separates quality attorneys from those not familiar with recent developments. Many parenting plans ignore potential areas of conflict and don’t foresee issues that may arise. Rose Law Group pc Family Law Attorneyscan help craft a plan that will be in the best interest of your children, while remaining enforceable.

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Parenting Time Frequently Asked Questions

What is parenting time?

Parenting time is time divorcing parents are scheduled to spend with their child, as outlined in a court-approved parenting plan. Until January 2013, the Arizona legal term for parenting time was visitation. During parenting time, the parent must provide the child with food, shelter and clothing.

The type of legal decision-making authority, known as child custody under Arizona law until recent changes, involved in your case doesn’t automatically affect your parenting time arrangement.

Parents not awarded legal decision-making authority may still enjoy parenting time with their children. Arizona statute requires that parenting plans maximize the amount of time each parent spends with the child, assuming the parent is capable of providing a healthy environment.

What are the different forms of parenting time?

Parenting time may take many arrangements. The specific schedule varies greatly depending upon the specific needs of the parents and the child.

The child’s age is one of the largest factors in determining parenting time. Generally, the court encourages young children to see both parents several times each week. As the child grows older, parents are encouraged to continue ensuring that each enjoys adequate parenting time, but the frequency of switching homes will likely slow.

Starting in junior high school, the court recommends that parents consider the child’s extracurricular activities when determining parenting time, and embrace a less structured approach, as long as each parent enjoys regular visitation.

How is parenting time determined?

Parenting time is determined through a court-approved parenting plan. The plan outlines the specific schedule of when each parent will care for the child.

Parenting plans outline which parent the child will spend time with on weekdays, weekends, school vacations and holidays. The plans are usually reviewed annually to schedule the upcoming year and also ensure the schedule still meets the family’s needs.

We work with our clients to help them negotiate the best parenting time schedules.

How does the legal process work?

Arizona divorce proceedings that involve children trigger the court’s consideration of legal decision-making authority and parenting time.

Ideally, the parents agree to a schedule that works for each of them and the child. If the parents are unable to agree, then each submits a proposed plan to the court, and the court ultimately decides the parenting time schedule. Rose Law Group Family Law attorneys can help you negotiate an amenable parenting plan.

What are the first steps if you want to gain/increase parenting time?

If you wish to change the amount of parenting time you have, contact us to help with your situation. We will work with you to negotiate a parenting time schedule that meets your needs.

How can an Arizona family law attorney help you?

An Arizona family law attorney can help you negotiate an effective parenting plan that anticipates potential areas of conflict and establishes protocols to minimize disruption.

Some parenting plans don’t take into consideration potentially divisive situations. The Rose Law Group Family Law team understands the complexity of these matters and can help you through this difficult transition.

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