Identity Theft Restoration, Privacy Protection

Identity theft reached new highs in 2016, with 15.4 million U.S. victims losing $16 billion. In addition to the out of pocket cost, identity theft victims spend, on average, 200 hours to recover their identities. We can help. Rose Law Group pc offers robust proactive and reactive identity theft and privacy related services.

Comprehensive Personal Privacy Review

Rose Law Group pc conducts in-depth personal privacy reviews for clients who want to prevent identity theft and improper data use or collection. Our attorneys develop preventative plans to avoid identity theft, data misuse and personal privacy.

Identity Theft Restoration

While we can’t always prevent identity theft, Rose Law Group pc can save you time, money and the struggle of dealing with identity theft alone. We handle your communications with all third-parties with the goal of fully restoring your identity.

Identity Theft and Privacy Litigation

Unfortunately, restoring your identity and protecting your personal information are not always simple tasks. Your personal information can be frequently misused or improperly disclosed, resulting in financial, reputational and other harms. Rose Law Group’s experienced litigators advocate for our clients’ right to privacy protection and freedom from identity theft.

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