Customers to get refund for paying Johnson Utilities’ income taxes; ’ACC got it right,’ says Rose Law Group Senior Partner Court Rich

Pinal Central

By Jake Kincaid | San Tan Valley Sentinel

San Tan Valley residents will receive a refund from Johnson Utilities for the money that was being recovered from ratepayers to pay the company’s income tax.

Customers will be getting a refund in the form of a direct credit to their accounts.

From the water division, Johnson Utilities was found to be collecting $125,072 to pay for income taxes from ratepayers, while collecting $457,557 for the wastewater division.

The refund will be about $2.78 for the water division and $8.71 for the wastewater division for a residential customer on a three-quarter-inch meter.


“This is the welcome end to at least one Johnson Utilities saga that included a federal investigation and even a failed criminal trial that tried to solve for why ratepayers were ever responsible for paying the owner’s personal taxes. The Corporation Commission definitely got this one right.”

~ Court Rich