Frank Riggs and his “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day on Twitter” – what did he have to say about Thomas Galvin, Rose Law Group land use attorney?

By Jim Small | Arizona Mirror

A former California congressman who this year lost his second statewide race in Arizona in four years went on Twitter tirades against political gadflies and this reporter Sunday evening, during which he called critics “gutless punks,” “cowards,” “sniveling” and “trolls,” and belittled them for never having served in the military.

This morning, Frank Riggs took his Twitter account down, apparently in response to questions from the Phoenix New Times about his online behavior. About an hour later, it reappeared, but with all of the tweets in question removed and replaced with a Veterans Day message.

Riggs’ meltdown Sunday stemmed from the late afternoon reports on vote tallies for the day, which saw his Democratic opponent for superintendent of public instruction, Kathy Hoffman, declare victory after increasing her lead to more than 46,000 votes.