How AI can help stop cyberattacks; Logan Elia, Rose Law Group Chairman of Cyber-Law Department, ‘excited’ about AI’s future

As hackers get smarter and more determined, artificial intelligence is going to be an important part of the solution

By Adam Janofsky | The Wall Street Journal

As corporations struggle to fight off hackers and contain data breaches, some are looking to artificial intelligence for a solution.

They’re using machine learning to sort through millions of malware files, searching for common characteristics that will help them identify new attacks. They’re analyzing people’s voices, fingerprints and typing styles to make sure that only authorized users get into their systems. And they’re hunting for clues to figure out who launched cyberattacks—and make sure they can’t do it again.

“The problem we’re running into these days is the amount of data we see is overwhelming,” says Mathew Newfield, chief information-security officer at Unisys Corp. UIS 1.99% “Trying to analyze that information is impossible for a human, and that’s where machine learning can come into play.”

The push for AI comes as companies face a huge increase in threats and more-sophisticated criminals who can often draw on nation-states for resources. More than 121.6 million new malware programs were discovered in 2017, according to a report by German research institute AV-Test GmbH. That is equivalent to about 231 new malware samples every minute.


 “As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to develop rapidly, edging closer to becoming general intelligence, artificial intelligence is becoming a tool adaptable to all endeavors. AI will solve more than overtly digital or technological problems. Eventually, artificial intelligence will be useful for solving all the problems that intelligence solves.

“And the capacity to solve problems defines intelligence. We are long past when chess – a realm where humans display genius – has become trivial for machines. Like individual human intelligence, artificial intelligence has matured past playing games and has entered the work force.

“I am excited to see what happens next.”

~ Logan Elia