Judge rules Arizona gyms should be given chance to reopen, Rose Law Group Attorney Jonathan Udell comments

By 12News

PHOENIX – An Arizona judge ruled Tuesday that gyms should have the opportunity to reopen.

Mountainside Fitness, along with EOS Fitness were plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed against Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.


Today’s court order strikes a fine balance between ensuring the government has the tools it needs to combat a pandemic, while also ensuring a measure of constitutional protection for private businesses. The court, importantly, did not rule that the state cannot shut down gyms and fitness centers. Instead, Judge Thomason found these businesses have a “procedural” right to petition the government for reopening. Although it remains unclear what standards gyms will need to meet, the government must decide “prompt[ly]” or appeal the court’s decision.

– Jonathan Udell, Coronavirus Task Force Attorney Rose Law Group