Omar Abdallah, Rose Law Group attorney handling hemp-related issues, discusses land use rules for growing hemp

By Omar Abdallah, Rose Law Group

What do the Arizona hemp rules say about what kind of land you need to grow hemp?

Not much, really. Growers of hemp in Arizona are bound by the Arizona Hemp Program Rules and a licensing agreement they must enter with the Department of Agriculture. The rules and license agreement state that a grower must comply, and will be solely responsible for maintaining compliance with land use restrictions, applicable city and county zoning, building, fire codes and ordinances.

While obtaining a license will require specific details on the land such as a legal description, major crossroads, and estimated acreage for planting, the hemp rules do not create any rules on what kind of land can be used. Those rules may come from the municipality you’re interested in growing in, and municipalities can vary greatly in their codes. It is recommended that proper due diligence on applicable zoning codes and ordinances is completed prior to planting any hemp in Arizona.

Can I grow hemp in my backyard?

No, you cannot grow hemp in your backyard. The Arizona Hemp Program Rules prohibit growers from growing, processing, or storing hemp in any residential dwelling