Omar Abdallah, Rose Law Group attorney handling hemp-related issues, talks non-grower opportunities within burgeoning hemp industry

Industrial Hemp production. / Wikipedia

By Omar Abdallah, Rose Law Group

I want to get involved with hemp in Arizona but not as a grower, what else can I do?

Opportunities in the Arizona hemp industry will be plentiful, ranging from hemp farming to the manufacturing of finished goods, and everything in between. The typical production timeline for hemp begins at planting and ends somewhere around the sale of a finished good. If you don’t want to be a grower but still want to get involved in hemp, you may consider becoming a harvester, transporter, processor, or nursery of hemp.

Just like growers of hemp, however, all of these trades will require a license from the Arizona Department of Agriculture according to the Arizona Hemp Program Rules. Program oversight only extends from the growth and cultivation of hemp up to the point of processing though, so businesses involved in dealings with post-processed hemp goods are not subject to the Hemp Program Rules.