[PODCAST] ULI Arizona kicks off ‘Real Talk,’ with Rose Law Group Founder and President Jordan Rose as very first guest

ULI Arizona presents Real Talk, a podcast featuring conversations with the industry’s most prominent leaders.  Season 1 is just under way and we are excited to offer plenty of interesting topics for discussion:  lessons learned from leaders, trends in real estate, housing affordability discussions, market updates…and so much more to come!


Episode 1:  A Conversation with Jordan Rose

For this inaugural episode, we speak with Jordan Rose, Founder and President of Rose Law Group, the largest woman-owned law firm in Arizona history.  When asked what she enjoys most about the practice of law, she responded, “the ability to help people solve their problems.”  Jordan is a long-time mentor in ULI Arizona’s Partnership Forum program, lending her guidance and words of wisdom to countless up-and-coming industry leaders.