Queen Creek requests the ACC to amend Johnson Utilities’ convenience certificate; Rose Law Group Senior Partner Court Rich comments


Queen Creek Independent

The Town of Queen Creek recently filed two applications with the Arizona Corporation Commission requesting an amendment to the Certificate of Convenience and Necessity granted to Johnson Utilities for wastewater services.

The applications request the removal of three areas of undeveloped land, all within the Town of Queen Creek’s water service area, according to a press release.

The request is on behalf of the three property owners so they can receive consolidated water and wastewater services from the Town of Queen Creek. Consolidated services allow the use of reclaimed water to offset the water resources needed to provide potable water in a more effective and efficient manner, the press release stated.


“If builders and developers with land in Johnson Utilities’ service territory are not paying attention to everything that is happening at the Arizona Corporation Commission they are making a huge mistake. While getting Johnson Utilities under control will be great for everyone, what happens in the next few weeks and months has the potential to be a calamity for landowners if it is not handled correctly.”

~Court Rich