RLG family attorney Audra Petrolle’s tips for family law: Don’t abuse the process

family law

By Audra Petrolle, Family Law Attorney at Rose Law Group

The Coronavirus is a unique challenge, and not quite like anything we have seen before. Here’s a tip on how families can stay prepared, healthy, and connected. Don’t abuse the process.

A lot of people want to know if they have grounds to withhold the child or children from the other parent given the current pandemic. While social distancing is important, unless you or a member of your household is known to have the coronavirus at this time, you will not garner much sympathy from the courts in trying to withhold your child from the other parent given the current guidance. And, if you expend Court resources and time over a parenting time dispute related to the coronavirus be sure that you have a strong claim because right now the courts are triaging matters and operating with limited resources.