RLG Group family attorney Audra Petrolle’s tips for family law: Mental well-being

By Audra Petrolle, Family Law Attorney at Rose Law Group

Tip #2 – Mental Well-Being

Mental fitness is key to effective parenting. So, now, more than ever, is the time to stay mentally fit. To be the best parent you can be, you also have to be good to yourself. This is a time where our bandwidth is short, and practices like mindfulness and gratitude can help lengthen your bandwidth which can make you a better a parent. Consider exploring apps like Balance and Headspace, which have free mindfulness practices. Gratitude and appreciation practice are actually considered to be experiences that help enhance positive connectivity which, in turn, can help you interpersonally by shifting your mindset to a more positive space. For gratitude and appreciation practices, consider trying the app Gratitude Happiness Journal. If apps are not sufficient to meet your needs, many mental health practitioners now offer telehealth services and telemedicine. And, don’t forget to help the kiddos stay mentally fit too. Check out apps like Headspace for Kids; Stop, Breathe, and Think; Mindfulness for Children; Thrive Global; Smiling Mind; and Sleep Mediation for Kids.