RLG family attorney Audra Petrolle’s tips for family law: Stay Informed.

By Audra Petrolle, Family Law Attorney at Rose Law Group

The Coronavirus is a unique challenge, and not quite like anything we have seen before. Here are a few tips on how families can stay prepared, healthy, and connected.

We live in a time where social media and news is everywhere, so it is important to look to reputable and reliable sources in gathering knowledge and information. There is a lot of unconfirmed and/or misinformation on the internet – e.g. taking a deep breath without coughing means you do not have the coronavirus or transmission can occur through water – so make sure you look to reputable sources like the CDC.gov for the most up to date guidance on the coronavirus. And, try to avoid more anecdotal sources like your friends posts on Facebook. Guidance is constantly evolving and just because there is no specific evidence one day does not mean that things cannot change in an instant.