Rose Law Group attorney Olen Lenets comments to 12 News about confusion surrounding Head to Toe Therapy clinic

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Head to Toe Therapy.)

By Joe Dana | 12News

PHOENIX — There is more confusion and turmoil at the financially-strapped Head to Toe Therapy clinic in Phoenix, a facility that the state suspended in November from receiving Medicaid funds because of fraud claims.

This week, four therapists who asked not to be named for fear of retaliation, told 12 News they are owed an average of $10,000 each for work completed dating back to December.

More than a dozen therapists are owed several thousand dollars each, and many of them are packed up and ready to leave, a therapist said. Some have already left, unsure if they will get paid at all.

“So many therapists cry every day and it’s making us physically sick because we love what we do and we see the emotional toll this takes on us and our families,” one therapist said.

The clinic has also not paid cleaning crews for months and there is an infestation of “rats, roaches and flies” in the facility, multiple therapists told 12 News.

An OSHA health and safety inspection remains open regarding a complaint filed in November. The results of the inspection are expected to be released within a couple of weeks, a spokesperson for the Arizona Industrial Commission said.

Dating back to at least 2011, the clinic was a qualified vendor of the Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities, treating children with physical and developmental disabilities.

Bridget O’Brien, the owner of Head to Toe, has not made herself available for more than a year to answer questions by 12 News. O’Brien hired the Rose Law Group to represent her.

“The state is authorizing patients to be seen (by Head to Toe) even though the payment suspension has not been lifted,” said Attorney Olen Lenets of the Rose Law Group.