Rose Law Group Business, Corporate Attorney, Shruti Gurudanti to showcase televëda at SEEDSPOT Demo Day

Shruti Gurudanti

By Callan Smith | Rose Law Group Reporter

Phoenix Art Museum is the place to be on Thursday at 5:30 to see SEEDSPOT Demo Day accelerator participants pitch their business ventures, and among them will be Rose Law Group, Business and Corporate Attorney, Shruti Gurudanti, talking about televëda. A company she co-founded with her husband, Mayank Mishra.

SEEDSPOT’s prestigious eight-week accelerator specifically targeted social impact companies like televëda. The company began in July 2018 with a mission to lower senior citizen social isolation and loneliness. A problem that impacts millions of older adults across the nation.

“Unfortunately, society tends to forget about this demographic. Our life expectancy has increased significantly and to ignore the human condition after the age of 65 is not only myopic but, also dangerous for our society.” said Gurudanti.

televëda’s program targets those who are isolated, suffer from loss of mobility, feelings of inadequacy in a peer setting and/or other ailments, making it difficult to get out and socialize with others. Their accessible and senior-friendly two-way interactive platform brings community, friendships, and wellness to seniors directly in their homes and rooms at senior living communities.

Using their accessible platform, seniors enjoy televeda’s proprietary program wherein they receive motivation and encouragement to do low-impact physical therapy-based exercises (disguised as dance), play jeopardy-style brain games, and engage in community time with other participants in the session. Seniors can see and interact with the instructor and the others in the session. The content is delivered to any device such as a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, laptop and more.

In a recent AARP study, it was found that isolation has as much of a negative affect on human health as obesity and smoking, and one in three adults over 50 lack regular companionship.

Currently, televëda is operating in Arizona and launching into California soon and is expected to launch to the East Coast by July. They are currently marketing to businesses such as Independent Living and Assisted Living facilities and are looking at how the program and platform could serve individuals, where they already have an interest.

The accelerator program has provided televëda with connections within the community, networking and reputation, which was important, because taking a tech-based solution to an aging demographic where it is widely believed that seniors struggle with technology is a challenge, but not insurmountable, as shown by the success the company has achieved in 11 months of operation.

There are many success stories, including those who cannot leave their rooms, who now have something to look forward to each week, lowering isolation and bolstering feelings of connectivity with the community, leading to increased wellness.

Another one of televëda’s goals is to better understand the demographic they serve and the impact of their program. During the year they collected data, finding there is a 75 percent improvement in emotional wellbeing and 98 percent in the moods in the seniors they’ve served.

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