Ruling sets up renewable energy fight between Corp Comm, lawmakers, Rose Law Group co-founder Court Rich quoted

 By Jeremy Duda | AZ Mirror  

The Arizona Supreme Court may have opened the door to allowing the legislature to overrule the Corporation Commission on renewable energy standards, a longtime goal of some conservative lawmakers who dislike the mandates imposed on electrical utilities.  

On July 31, the court upheld the commission’s decision to appoint an interim manager for Johnson Utilities, a Pinal County water company, following a series of issues, including problems with low water pressure and overflowing sewage.  



Court Rich, an attorney with Rose Law Group who works on utility issues, said the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling are clear. “It looks like, based on the Supreme Court’s opinion, the court now feels the legislature has the ability to weigh in on this topic,” Rich said. -AZ Mirror | Aug. 11, 2020