Stewart Family says of new plans by developer to save the Stewart (Circles) building: let’s not ‘lose everything’

Circles Records, 2009

Circles Records, 2009

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Arizona Republic Letters to the Editor published 8/13/2016

Re: Stewart Motor Co building & redevelopment article. It was good to see your front page article on the proposed construction project for the Stewart Motor Company building at 800 N. Central Ave. I have a vested interest in the project, not financially, but personally since my father built the structure in the 1940s.

There has been some criticism of the project since the developer demolished a portion of the rear of the building. However, the signature architecture of the building remains and the developer and architects have made good on efforts to incorporate this into the new structure.

At this point in time, criticism of the developer’s intentions appears to be shortsighted as the developer could clearly demolish the entire structure and erect a new glass and steel structure. And then the property would be one more testimonial to failed historical preservation.

I hope the city supports this developers project, which maintains the signature components of the original building and incorporates them into the new structure. I fear we may lose everything.

~ John Stewart, Phoenix