These honeymoon destinations lead to the most divorces; Audra Petrolle, family law attorney at Rose Law Group, shares insight

By AZ Business Magazine | AZ Big Media

Is the thought of planning your honeymoon getting you through these tough, unprecedented times? You’re not alone, as 27,000 Google searches are made globally each month for honeymoon destinations. With a recent survey from showing Elvis Presley’s “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” as the most divorceable first wedding dance song, were intrigued to see which honeymoon destinations newlyweds are betting their luck on.

But where should you avoid? Which of these popular honeymoon destinations were most common among now divorced couples? sought to find out. They surveyed 3,100 divorced or separated people from around the world to find out where they went on their honeymoon. The results were intriguing.


I would anticipate that this survey is indicative of some broader link among this demographic of divorced couples. What strikes me from the outset is that most of these honeymoon destinations are areas that would appear to attract individuals who have access to substantial resources. Whereas Cancun, by comparison, is a potential honeymoon destination that even couples on a budget can often enjoy.  So, I am purely speculating, but I imagine that the link to divorce has less to do with the individual destinations on this list and more to do with resources available to the people attracted to these, arguably, more expensive honeymoon destinations.

Audra Petrolle, Rose Law Group Family Law Attorney