[VIDEO] Jordan Rose, founder and president of Rose Law group, talks Metaverse law with XR Today

A female-led Metaverse law firm speaks to XR Today on the rise of the legal disputes in the virtual world

By Demond Cureton | XR Today

XR Today’s Demond Cureton hosts Jordan Rose, Founder of the Rose Law Group.
In this session we discuss the following:

1) Why the Metaverse needs a new set of legal frameworks
2) The need for professionals capable of tackling new challenges in virtual environments
3) How the Rose Law Group approaches legal disputes in the virtual landscape

If you’re looking for more information on this topic, please visit the Rose Law Group at https://www.roselawgroup.com/

Hosted by Demond Cureton, Senior Journalist at XR Today News – Extended Reality Tech News #metaverse #law #technology