Keith Walther

Keith Walther joined Rose Law Group in 2016. He graduated from University of Phoenix with an MBA and his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from SUNY Brockport. Before joining Rose Law Group, he was a Finance Manager for over 12 years with a large university. He has a passion for efficiency and is always looking to put his Lean Six Sigma training to good use.

In his spare time, Keith has been a stage and film actor, a published journalist, and currently a devoted father to a wonderful twin son and daughter while attempting to write his great American novel. Keith also enjoys following his favorite sports teams, the New York Yankees and the Buffalo Bills.

Click here to watch a video of Keith expand on his filmmaking experience.

In The News

Rose Law Group Immigration Department Chair Darius Amiri talks to 12 News about helping Afghan refugees, translators escape Afghanistan

By Mitch Carr | 12News Phoenix ARIZONA, USA — The Taliban re-took Afghanistan so quickly that many Afghans that supported and worked with the United States during the nearly 20-year war were left scrambling for safety. One of those American allies is a translator nicknamed “Zabi.” Darius Amiri, an immigration attorney at Rose Law Group in Scottsdale, is working to

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Darius Amiri, head of Rose Law Group immigration law department, speaks about Afghanistan crisis with 3TV

    Broadcasted by 3TV/CBS5/AZFamily Stranded in-country: Rose Law Group Immigration Dept. Chair Darius Amiri discusses ‘Zabi,’ an interpreter who worked with U.S Marines and who has applied for a special immigrant visa but is now stuck in Afghanistan with his life in danger. Avenue of escape: There is little time to waste in trying to get Zabi out of Afghanistan, so Amiri “has been reaching

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[OP-ED] Rose Law Group Immigration Department Chair Darius Amiri in Arizona Capitol Times: Time for Congress to do the right thing on DACA

By Darius Amiri, Rose Law Group Immigration Dept. Chair | Arizona Capitol Times The latest domino in the DACA saga fell when Judge Andrew Hannen out of the Southern District of Texas ruled that the DACA program was unlawful, immediately halting the processing of an estimated 55,000 first time DACA applications currently in the pipeline. While it’s clear from the language

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