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Rose Law Group pc provides vigorous, affordable legal defense against copyright infringement (“copyright troll”) lawsuits.

Since 2010, movie and pornography producers have sued thousands of individuals who allegedly illegally downloaded videos via peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs such as BitTorrent. These lawsuits identify people by their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which are recorded by the P2P software. Experts have estimated that up to 30% of those sued for allegedly making an illegal download are innocent.

Once the lawsuit is filed against a group of IP addresses, the copyright owner requests a subpoena to force the Internet service provider to disclose your name, address, and other personal information. Usually, the first contact a person receives is a letter from his or her Internet service provider, which means the copyright owner does not yet have your personal information. Once the Internet service provider discloses the person’s information, he or she will probably receive a letter from the copyright owner’s lawyer proposing a settlement. Eventually, a few of these cases go to court.

Have you received a letter from your Internet service provider or a settlement demand letter from a lawyer representing a copyright owner? Or have you received a “Summons” from a court? If so, we can help you settle your case anonymously or fight back. Rose Law Group pc offers several flat fee packages to resolve your case in an economically efficient manner.

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