Arizona law enforcement agencies prohibit legal marijuana use for officers; Jonathan Udell, attorney at Rose Law Group, talks about it with 3TV

By David Caltabiano | AZFamily

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Even though recreational use for marijuana is now legal, Arizona’s Family is learning it’s still hands-off pot for officers. The state’s two largest law enforcement agencies confirmed they won’t let them use it.

The Department of Public Safety and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office are not allowing their troopers and deputies to use the plant, even on their days off. The agencies are going by federal law, not state law.

“This is America. We pride ourselves on freedom and individuality,” said Jonathan Udell, communications director for Arizona NORML, a pro-marijuana group who helped with the passage of Prop 207.

“In my view, so long as someone is participating in a lawful activity, causing no harm to anyone else,” said Udell, “or afflicting their abilities, there’s no reason to restrict someone from doing something like that.” Udell said marijuana use on an officer’s own time doesn’t affect their duties.