Arizona Power Must Come From 100% Carbon-Free Sources By 2050, Regulators Decide; ‘A Significant Decision,’ Says Court Rich, Rose Law Group Co-Founder And Renewable Energy Department Director

 (Disclosure: Rose Law Group represented a client to help with the development of the Arizona energy rules.) 

By Ryan Randazzo | Arizona Republic

Arizona utility regulators on Thursday, in a split vote, approved a plan for utilities to get all of their energy from carbon-free sources like solar and nuclear energy by 2050, bringing the state closer in line to other Western states.

The new regulations require electric utilities to get half their power from renewable energy like solar and wind in 2035. Then in 2050, they would need to supply all customer demand for electricity with either renewables, carbon-free nuclear, or energy-efficiency measures such as subsidizing low-watt lightbulbs or attic insulation for customers.

The new requirements will spur development of solar plants, battery storage and other renewables, though commissioners debated whether the rules will affect customers’ bills. Because the rules require additional energy-efficiency measures, they are likely to include opportunities for customers to save through utility conservation programs.


“While much is notable about this important decision, Arizona distinguished itself by becoming the first state in the country to pass a standard for the adoption of customer-owned and leased rechargeable batteries. This distributed battery requirement positions Arizona on the leading edge of new technologies which will create thousands of jobs and help Arizona to stretch the benefits of clean solar energy late into the evening.”

Court Rich, Rose Law Group Co-Founder