Healthy HVAC systems, staggered work schedules and glass work bubbles: Life during and after COVID

By Mike Sunnucks | Rose Law Group Reporter

Jonathan Keyser said COVID-19 could have some big short-term impacts on workplaces and other businesses as tenants and landlords navigate reopening the economy.

Keyser, who is founder and principal of Scottsdale-based tenant representation firm, talked about the short and long-term impacts of the Coronavirus during Rose Law Group’s New Economy (Virtual) Power Lunch on Friday.

“Most of the impact is going to be shorter term,” Keyser told the virtual forum hosted by Rose Law Group Founder and President Jordan Rose and Partner Court Rich.

Keyser is seeing workplaces looking at staggered work schedules, more flexible spaces to ensure social distancing and increased interest in healthy HVAC systems (including filter systems) and healthy building materials as offices and other places of business reopen.

Keyser does not expect some more ambitious design ideas for social distancing such as glass bubble workspaces to be a widely adopted trend.

“I don’t think that is the reality of the future,” Keyser said.

But he did stress the need for tenants to communicate their financial and operational situations and concerns to landlords.

“Be proactive in your communications. Get your financials in order,” Keyser said.

Keyser said some landlords are more prone than others to help tenants out during the pandemic. Tenants just need to communicate and level with landlords on their stresses and needs.