Medical patients in Arizona were sold marijuana contaminated with pesticides; Jonathan Udell, co-chair of Rose Law Group cannabis department, weighs in

By Ryan Randazzo | Arizona Republic

A high-end marijuana company sold contaminated cannabis to Arizona medical card holders last year, a mistake that highlightsglaring weaknesses in the state’s testing rules designed to protect consumers.

Arizona requires marijuana to be tested before it’s sold. A law that took effect more than a year ago is supposed to ensure cannabis is screened for pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants like E. coli bacteria.

But tests paid for by The Arizona Republic on marijuana bought from a Phoenix dispensary showed a problem. Two strains of marijuana from a company called Grow Sciences showed levels of one pesticide at more than 20 times the limit allowed by the Arizona Department of Health Services.


“This expose previews a coming battle at the state legislature next year between dispensaries and laboratories pushing for small-batch testing. With heightened public scrutiny, plant-touching businesses should carefully review their policies and procedures to ensure they comply with relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, they should confirm their employees are aware of these policies & procedures and understand their importance. Attorneys specialized in cannabis law can provide critical guidance to help with these tasks.”

Jonathan Udell, Rose Law Group Cannabis Dept. Co-Chair