[OP-ED] Pinal homebuilders cannot grow on groundwater, and that has implications; ’no slowdown anytime soon,’ says Rose Law Group Founder and President Jordan Rose

Opinion: Future subdivisions cannot grow on groundwater in most of Pinal County. And that is forcing a lot of folks to rethink how and where growth will occur.

By Joanna Allhands | Arizona Republic

Houses can no longer grow on groundwater in the Pinal Active Management Area.

The Arizona Department of Water Resources contends that Pinal’s long-term groundwater deficiency is so large and widespread that even if future subdivisions could prove a 100-year supply of groundwater, they would not be able to earn the necessary approvals to move forward.

The only way those homes can earn approval in Pinal, the department told a stakeholder group last week, is if they can import a supply other than groundwateror directly deliver water to their doors.

That doesn’t mean all residential growth is kaput.

Some lots have already received the necessary certificate to be platted and sold. And some water providers still have room to support additional residents, though how many and how long this growth might last depends on whom you ask.


“Pinal has tens of thousands of unbuilt homes that have the appropriate water certificates to build, so we will not see a slow down anytime in the near future.  The statement by ADWR will accelerate the long term solutions to this future problem and that is a positive result.”

Jordan Rose, Founder and President of Rose Law Group