Scottsdale approves vacation rental rezoning project

Scottsdale City Hall

Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents STR Ventures

Rose Law Group Reporter Staff

The Scottsdale City Council voted 6-1 Tuesday night to approve zoning changes for five downtown properties to enable them to be used as vacation rentals. 

The applicant property owner was represented by land-use attorney Court Rich from Rose Law Group. During the hearing, Rich told the council how the applicant worked closely with the only residential neighbor in this mixed-use part of the city to craft stipulations and a private agreement to protect neighbors and ensure compliance with city codes.  

Rich pointed to the overwhelming support from neighboring businesses and property owners as evidence this part of the city, just east of Scottsdale City Hall, is appropriate for the sometimes-controversial vacation rental use. 

Support for the zoning changes could very well mark the first instance of an Arizona city specifically approving a rezoning to authorize a vacation rental use. With this approval, the owner is set to invest substantially in beautifying and remodeling several of the units.